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The past 7 years we have noticed Evening Grosbeaks(as well as Red Crossbill) every May and usually from September until at least January. They like Black-oil sunflower seeds from my tray feeder. One year about 3 years ago, they stuck around all year, I got to see the fledglings being fed at the feeders, what fun that was, but I sure went through the sunflower seeds quckly as their appetites are voracious!

I was gone all day yesterday, but that morning I heard their distinct calls in the neighborhood and when I got home last evening around 6:30PM, there were shreds of Japanese Maple seeds scattered all over my back patio, clearly signs of feasting Evening Grosbeak. I can hear them again this morning and when the maple seeds are gone, I fully expect they will return to my feeders and birdbaths!

Happy Birding,
Ruth Mano

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Subject: [Tweeters] Grosbeak sounds? / Wedgwood
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Hi Tweeters -

When I got home about 4:30 today, I thought I was hearing the sounds of Evening Grosbeaks - a few very close by. Still no sitings. Just curious if starlings imitate them -
there was a cacaphony of them mixed with the clear sound - or what I thought to be - EG's. Maybe just hopeful since Dennis Paulson had them earlier this week.

Anyone else out there hearing them too?

I do hope they show their amazing faces in these parts.

Caryn / Wedgwood

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