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A friend and I made an afternoon visit to Discovery Park to look for
jaegers today. Upon arrival at West Point around 3, the first bird
spotted was a light adult Parasitic Jaeger flying south. It made one
pass (flaring and showing tail details) at a Caspian Tern, which would
have none of it and chased the jaeger for a bit. The jaeger was last
seen landing on the water far to the south. We sat for over an hour and
saw no more such. We did have one Western Grebe, a Pelagic and a few
Double-crested Cormorants, a half dozen Surf Scoters, and also a harbor
seal and 3-4 harbor porpoise, which I don't recall seeing in recent

Steller's Jays were moving a lot over the south meadow.

Later, we saw a scrub-jay near 8th and Market in Ballard, where I don't
think I've seen them previously.

Earlier today (late morning), I saw a flock of several Evening Grosbeaks
over Leschi Natural Area, and one Cooper's Hawk at tree level later.
(Some nested nearby this summer.)

7 Sept., 2013,

Alan Grenon
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