[Tweeters] Upland Sandpiper

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 20:10:23 PDT 2013

I stumbled upon the Upland Sandpiper today, on the beach, on the northeastern tip of Damon Point on an ebb tide. It was about 6:30 p.m. I was walking the perimeter trail in the tall grass. As I approached the beach a long neck and small head periscoped into view. My presence totally disturbed the bird. It called and then flew several hundred yards south along the beach. I backtracked through the grass, relocated it, and then watched it fly east by northeast over the harbor. I had good views of its streaked head, large eyes with complete eye rings, and the mostly yellow bill with some black on the upper mandible. I also noted its yellow legs. My impression is that this is one skittish sandpiper. Thanks to Ann Marie Wood for posting on my behalf. I called her from my dumb cell phone while I was watching the bird.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, Wa

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