[Tweeters] Juanita Bay Park Sora and Green Heron

gabemo24 at comcast.net gabemo24 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 6 21:31:24 PDT 2013

Today, at Juanita Bay Park, at 3:22 pm, I spotted a Sora sitting among the cattails to the right of the first boardwalk. It was in the area that is almost like a small cove, somewhat separated from the rest of the water by pilings. There were several cattails covered in nightshade vines all drooping downward at about 45 degrees, which pointed directly at the Sora. It stayed for a considerable amount of time, at least half an hour, which was much appreciated, especially since it was my first Sora.
In the water almost to the causeway was a male Northern Pintail in eclipse plumage and a small group of female shovelers, some of the first migratory waterfowl I've seen this year.
On the other side of the boardwalk was a juvenile Green Heron, which lacked burgundy neck plumage and had white-speckled wings. I've seen many Green Herons, but in all the hundreds of times I've been birding at Juanita Bay Park, I had never seen one there. The heron was standing on a log and was holding a short twig in its beak, presumably to lure fish.

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