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Caryn - probably the best way to answer questions like this is to use
eBird.org. Go to "Explore Data" and chose geographic area you're
interested in (Washingon State - Entire region, or Washington State - King
County, or whatever). Then you can select the date range, in which you can
choose a season or a range of months, as well as specifying what years you

In my experience with Evening Grosbeaks, I have seen them multiple times in
every month of the year, both east and west of the Cascades, and from sea
level up to snowy areas in winter.

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Hello Tweeters -

Looking at my old Peterson guide I notice I have marked sighting of EG's in
my garden in March (3/3/87) and Jan (1/27/93). Curious if anyone else has
ever seen them in winter and where? But now that its approaching fall,
wondering about their movement patterns. I see they are common but
irregular. As I mentioned to a few others, our first sighting of them was on
a window feeder (a small one at that) with at least 3-5 of them chowing
down! What a sight that was to walk into the room and see a mini-flock of
them on the window! I know they also enjoy the samaras on the vine maples -
so I hope they come and have a feast.

It's great being able to Tweet when having a cold - can still feel like I'm
birding - vicariously at least!

Caryn / Wedgwood (still just hearing them)

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