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Sorry for the vague directions to the North Pothole (Job Corp Dike). Perhaps the following will help:

> The job corp dike is the south boundary of the North Potholes Game Reserve within the WDFW Wildlife Area located at the north end of the reservoir. Access is off of the south frontage road (I-90), about 3 miles west of Moses Lake. Turn south at two double-pole powerlines onto a bumpy gravel road. Drive about 4.5 miles staying to the right at two junctions. You arrive at the dike when there is ponded water on both sides about a .5 mile stretch; the road ends at a gate. ( a fallen tree on the dike may limit some larger vehicles). The egret(s) and pelicans were in this area.


> The snowy acted (I think one now) rather independent and moved several time but it did seem to key on other birds that were feeding. It will take some luck due to the large expanse of ponded areas.


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