[Tweeters] Elegant Terns in Puget Sound

Brad Waggoner wagtail at sounddsl.com
Tue Sep 3 19:55:57 PDT 2013

Hi all,

At about 5:00 today, I had two Elegant Terns (an adult and a begging
immature) joining a flock of Common Terns off of Norwegian Point at the
north tip of the Kitsap Peninsula. I was alerted to their presence by
their calls, but it was interesting that it took me a bit of time to
actually decipher them from the Commons. Finally, the bigger size and
the longer (at least on the adult), orange bill became apparent. After
being unsuccessful in locating Elegants on any of my recent coastal
trips, it felt pretty darn good to stumble upon them here in my home
turf.It looks like the last major Elegant Tern incursion in 1997 wasthe
last time that this species showed in Puget Sound, though I would need
this confirmed. I also believe this is when Vic Nelson had a previous
record for Kitsap,and I assume it most likely made it on his yard list
at this time too.

I also had good numbers of Red-necked Phalaropes (1500), and fairly
close to shore, but I was unable to find a Red amongst them. Two adult
and one immature Parasitic Jaeger were also in the area.

Cheers and good birding,

Brad Waggoner
Bainbridge Island, Washington
mailto:wagtail at sounddsl.com

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