[Tweeters] re: A request on reports of Eastern Wood Pewee-vocalized Saturday morning

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Tue Sep 3 08:45:58 PDT 2013

I had my WOS group at the pewee spot around 7:00 on Saturday morning, August 31st. It vocalized about three times upon our arrival and then went silent until our departure around 7:30. We watched a bird after the pewee stopped vocalizing that by appearance was likely the bird. I saw in Brian Bell's post that the homeowner said it wasn't vocalizing for our group. So, clarifying for the record that it did vocalize on Saturday morning, August 31st if only for a short time. Should also be noted that during our Saturday visit, BOTH pewee species were present at the orchard.

Scott Downes
downess at charter.net
Yakima WA

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