[Tweeters] 2013 Seattle Cooper's Hawk Study Summary

dealgen at aol.com dealgen at aol.com
Sun Sep 1 13:57:42 PDT 2013


A group of 8 volunteers monitored 29 Cooper’s Hawk nestingterritories within the Seattle city limits this year. We had 25 successful nests produce 90fledglings. This translates as aproductivity of 3.60 fledged young per successful nest. Of those 90 fledglings we were able to putcolor VID leg bands on 42 of them. Our studyprotocol is: Males –purple band – left leg
Females –orange band – right leg
The bands have stacked number or letter combinations of onesymbol over one symbol, which are read from the top down (e.g., 2 over 6). So do take a closer look at the Cooper’sHawks stalking your backyard feeders this winter. We appreciate any sighting reports from tweeterdom.

Ed Deal
Seattle, WA
dealgen AT aol.com

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