[Tweeters] birders with bikes: December 14th Christmas Bird Count coming

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 31 21:46:19 PDT 2013


Just wondering if there are any good forest birders out there that also like biking. The reason is that although December isn't always prime biking weather in this part of the world, I have a prime CBC opportunity for someone with a love of forest birding (including good ears) and also a passion for biking. The Everett-Marysville CBC happens to include a 15-mile or so section of the increasingly-popular Centennial trail. This is a very user-friendly, paved trail with road crossings in places. It would be quite a job to do whole thing, especially while counting birds, but even a section would be OK. Last year Art Campbell covered the Lake Cassidy (southernmost) section and did well, but he was on foot on could only cover a few miles.

The area is mostly mixed or deciduous forest, in some places pure coniferous. In all sections the route has openings and there are lots of edge-thicket situations, and also marshland (think: Wood Ducks); in a couple spots you look out over pure Hardhac (Spirea douglasii) thickets. Please let me know on this email or by calling 425-210-2716 if you are interested, and I will also consider those who would just like to walk a section.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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