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I haven't responded lately, but I use and very much like Birder's Diary. I've used it for years. easy data entry, any report you want, build your own location tables. (If I enter I saw a bird at my home , it knows I saw it in Cowlitz Co., WA, lower 48, No America, etc.) Just in the process of updating to the new Cornell list, and it tells me what birds I have to reconcile, splits, lumps, new species etc. Any checklist for all the standard locations, states, countries, etc. are available. I originally tried Avisys and Bird Brain and didn't like their reporting as well, but that was years ago and I'm sure they've improved,
Anne Kahle

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Subject: RE: [Tweeters] Results of life-list software query
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I want to mention that I am one of the people that has used AviSys for a long time. I didn’t respond because lately I’d been looking for a good alternative. AviSys is a bit clunky and doesn’t make best use of new software platforms. But more of a problem for me was the fact that they were not updating their world country lists, which are evolving quickly, especially in the Latin American countries I’ve been birding in the most. To get those updates, you had to go to a competitor. I thought about getting their software instead, but it was even more expensive and just as clunky to use.
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