[Tweeters] Results of life-list software query

Tucker, Trileigh TRI at seattleu.edu
Wed Oct 30 12:28:15 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters,

Many of you responded to my question about what software to use for developing a life list. Several folks also asked me to let them know what the feedback was, so I thought I'd post this followup.

A few folks just use Excel, and one person recommended BuBo<http://www.bubo.org/>. Many more birders are using Ebird for this purpose. It was pointed out that I can export Ebird files in CSV format, which would let me then use Excel for data sorting. Ebird is both low-cost and widely available—big plusses.

We also have a number of AviSys users on Tweeters. It sounds like terrific software (except for one person, who lost years of data in an attempted update). For me, though, the combination of:

* the initial expense: $100 initial investment, and
* not-insignificant update costs for new versions later on, and
* the cost of adapting the software to my Macs (Windows-reading software plus the cost of Windows itself), and
* their stated lack of support for Mac users,

precludes my committing to Avisys for now. So I think I'll go with Ebird and just listen to good music while I input all my observations into Ebird for the next few weeks. Not a bad way to spend time, overall, if I'm not outdoors seeing actual birds. (Or orcas, like I got to do for hours yesterday from Lincoln Park!)

Thanks to all who responded,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Trileigh Tucker
Lincoln Park, West Seattle
Natural history website: naturalpresence.wordpress.com
Photography: flickr.com/photos/trileigh

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