[Tweeters] Marysville Y/Allen Creek snipe hunting

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 30 08:10:56 PDT 2013

To all:

Josh's "two and a half strikes" note indicated to me I should have been a bit more instructive.
It is not advisable to visit the area during school hours (roughly 8-4 pm M-F), and if you do,
checking in at the school administation is best. Second, there is really no need to climb the
screen fence. Third that I neglected to mention--there was at least one and possibly two
Wilson's Snipe in the area, but it/they were more associated with the actual pond edge and
one was walking the beauty bark in front of the mural (as you enter the area). I flushed a bird
that took off in the usual manner (and call) while I was there Saturday. I agree with Josh
that the shaded area under the cottonwoods/willows would be very tight quarters for a

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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