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There has been a ongoing discussion on this subject and the upcoming conference on the ABA facebook page. ABA has started talking about a used birding equipment donation program here in the U.S. modeled on the successful Birder's Exchange program. Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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I agree this is a topic that should be addressed much more extensively and I believe it has been largely overlooked by the birding community. I would add that "diversity" could include a look at how past socioeconomic background/current socioeconomic status affects birding as well. Some factors may be more difficult to address as equipment and travel can be expensive. However, I also think there are very significant social factors at play here as well that should be addressed more openly.

On a perhaps related subject, it amazes me that some affluent birders (and I think there are many) seem more than willing to send old equipment off to other other countries but not as willing to support local educational programs with the same type of donation.... yes, there are major exceptions... I am addressing a general trend I have noticed.

Cindy Ashy

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Subject: [Tweeters] Re: Diversity in birding
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Thanks, Jeff, for raising this topic
after my post recently about the Focus on Diversity

As a 'birder of color,' I can't help but notice the lack of
ethnic diversity in the birding community in the Pacific
Northwest. It's also lacking across the country, but since I
obviously live here, my interest in the topic is largely
focused in this area. To that end, I am working to someday
bring the Focus on Diversity conference to this part of the
country. I have already contacted those in charge of the
conference, and was met with great interest and excitement.
I will keep the local birding community apprised of the

If anyone out there in Tweeterland is interested in helping
me promote this cause, please feel free to contact me.�
Some of you are already aware of my efforts to diversify our
community, but it can't be done by just one or two of us. I
have been able to find a few good folks here and several in
Portland who are very enthusiastic about this topic; this
interest leaves me hopeful.

The birds, the habitat, and the environment both affect and
are impacted by all of us, regardless of color, etc.

Thanks for your interest!

happy birding,
isadora wong
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