[Tweeters] Skagit Delta Snow Geese

Roger Andersen nitpicker at comcast.net
Mon Oct 28 12:39:46 PDT 2013

Probably an old, familiar story to all of you, but Saturday morning (10/26) I was driving toward LaConner from the I-5 exit at Conway and encountered a spectacular and huge flock of Snow Geese, concentrated at the farm at the first 90-degree right turn. I have seen them often enough before, but never so early and vocal and alternately flushing in groups and landing. They were so loud and animated that I wondered whether I might have been watching a first seasonal arrival. Is that possible?

I could see no Swans, and was told in LaConner that the Swans will follow the Snow Geese by a few weeks. And this gives me the chance to pose a question that has puzzled me: Are the Swans that winter in the Skagit Delta all Trumpeters, or do they also include Tundra (Whistling?) Swans? If both, how do you tell the difference?

Thank you.

Roger Andersen

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