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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Wed Oct 23 06:35:38 PDT 2013

After posting about the dearth of winter Western Grebes around the Sound, I got some helpful tweeter feedback about the decline of the species on our inland coastal waters.

In that post I wrote " Too bad for us local listeners" that we can't be listening to grebes more. And it is too bad, but did sound somewhat like I felt I was getting cut-off from some nature entitlement program. It's the actual grebes I'm worried about, along with ongoing environmental mayhem in general.

The changing natural soundscape is one indicator of continuing environmental destruction. I recently listened to an NPR piece about a Hollywood sound guy who sort of dropped out of the scene back in the 60's to pursue making recordings of natural habitats all over the world. Not just individual species, but whole environments. He was sorry to say that half of those soundscapes no longer exist - just gone from the airwaves. Source destroyed.

That gave me some ideas for the future Nature Consumer. My first idea was a series of film and recording festivals like "The Way it Was!", or " Where were you in 62?" (with recordings of a Seattle 1962 dawn chorus). Young people, watching the attendees leaving these events, might wonder why the old geezers are all crying. "Oh, just about things that don't exist anymore, I guess", they'll think. Whatever dude. "Birdsob 2030 !". Like, get over it.

Or how about "Naturesound!" theme resorts. Take your pick of sound experiences! "The high humidity Costa Rica! room is very popular with newlyweds, the howler monkey's being a real turn on for some people plus masking the sound of noisy nuptials. With super dooper surround sound, every bird and bug can be heard".

"Or,for a good night's sleep you might try the Everett! room. Just dial the recording to October 2013 and you will enjoy the sounds of a quiet (post - Kimberly- Clark mill) evening. Cold fog will be pumped into your room, and as you snuggle into your goose-down comforter, you will be lulled to sleep with the sound of just a few snow geese calling on high". Real nice - just tried it myself.(just had a regular blanket though).

Of course there's always room for competition! Nature snobs can compete for possessing the best recordings in the future:

" I say, Biff, I heard that old fart, Jeff Gibson, just sold his recording of 'June Morning, Lake Chelan State Park, 1971' to some sheik in Qatar for 2,000 dollars. The idiot, I could've got him five for it , plus a new hearing aid! By the way, bring the wife over tonight, we're having a 'listen-in'. If you haven't heard 'Western Grebe's, Bellingham 1974', well that would be your loss!"

I could , unfortunately, go on, but the possibilities are just too many. I would like to thank all those nature recorders out there, documenting sounds for our current education, as well as for future evidence. And by the way, I never recorded that morning at Lake Chelan State Park in 1971- I was only 16 years old at the time, and had no clue how that dawn chorus would be so diminished in my own lifetime. My only records are memories and some penciled notes.

Jeff Gibson
still listening in
Everett Wa

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