[Tweeters] banded Cooper's sighting in Ballard

Tue Oct 22 19:08:23 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets,

A friend sent word and some photos she got, of a juvenile accipiter (a Cooper's Hawk?) which she watched hunting from a rooftop in Ballard. The VID (Visual Identification) band on the left leg looks to be a reddish/purple, and has 2 vertical 30's next to each other. Jessica would like to report this, but I wasn't sure whose banding study this bird is a part of, so, after checking with Seattle Audubon to see if they knew and finding their info on this isn't current, volunteer Rachel Lawson, did a quick check for info on the WOS website, but didn't find what we were looking for. We decided that this was a challenge to put to you Tweets. Methinks the bander could be Ed Deal, but the band color doesn't seem like those I recall him to be using.

Please contact me if you know whom Jessica should contact about this successful hunter (it caught a Black-capped Chickadee, or so it looks like to me). I'll post the photos on my Flickr acct., for any of you to see. Hopefully, through this sighting, we will be able to get updated as to who is doing research these days on Cooper's Hawks and perhaps, other raptors. It would be nice to find updated research banding information on the WOS website, at Seattle Audubon, Wild Birds Unltd and maybe other places as well.

Here is the link for Jessica's photos :


Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net
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