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Jennifer Jarstad jennjarstad at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 12:49:49 PDT 2013

For anyone in the WHOLE STATE OF WASHINGTON interested in participating in
an Anna's hummingbird study, (anyone may join in on this activity at any
time), here is a reminder of the link you may click on to get to the
journal. Feel free to enter your information and send the survey as often
as you like. (You don't have to wait until you fill up a whole page to
send the journal info.) I will send out this reminder link every couple
days so you don't have to worry about searching back for the link. Or you
can always go to the Puget Sound Bird Observatory website (
http://pugetsoundbirds.org) any time and on the first page under "Current
Projects", you will find the links to my study. Thanks! jenn


Jennifer Jarstad
Seattle, WA
jennjarstad at gmail.com
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