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try it again w/ actual content (there's a concept)

we used to see them in the late spring/early summer on topaz lake on the
border of calif and nev close to where the line jogs to the south east in
lake tahoe. i don't recall ever seeing them on tahoe, but they raised
families on topaz. some folks called 'em jesus birds cause they sometimes
walked on the water.



Western grebes can be found on large, open areas of freshwater or saltwater
including marshes, reservoirs, bays and lakes. Summer populations extend as
far north as southern central Canada, east to western Minnesota, west to
Idaho and eastern Oregon and south to Nevada, Utah and Colorado. In winter,
western grebes migrate to the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to Baja
California, with isolated winter populations found in western Texas and
eastern New Mexico. Year round populations can be found in central
California and Mexico, as well as along the California-Arizona border and
in eastern New Mexico.


all the usual stuff about pesticides, monofilament line, nets and such
appear to apply to grebe populations.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


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