[Tweeters] red tailed hawk diving?

Hope Anderson hopea1994 at aol.com
Sat Oct 19 11:19:10 PDT 2013

Hey Tweets! I just had a visitor here at the North Cascades visitor center (back open through October, yay!) who has a photo of a hawk from when she was in Indiana and she can't ID it. The closest I can figure is an Eastern juvie red tailed hawk, it had the dark banding across the chest and black beak. She thought the tail was too long to be a red tailed but I think it's the photo. Anyway, the question I have is whether anyone has ever heard of red tailed hawks diving into lakes? She watched it dive several times over the two weeks she was there. She didn't see it catch any fish but it did dive. If you have any ideas of a hawk that may live in that area that would dive please let me know, either on here or private. I have her email so I can let her know what I find out. Thanks for any help!
Hope Anderson, Newhalem, WA
hopea1994 at aol.com

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