[Tweeters] JBLM Eagles Pride GC - 10-17-2013 - Winter sparrows+

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at outlook.com
Thu Oct 17 22:01:44 PDT 2013


A dozen of us enjoyed yet another monthly ramble around Joint Base Lewis
McChord's Eagles Pride golf course. Although the day started cool, it warmed
up as we strolled, and today, unlike the past several days, was fog-free.

Because we heard several chips and calls from the blackberry thicket near
the driving range parking area, we decided to circle it, picking up
KINGLET. Nearby were RED CROSSBILLS at the top of a Douglas-fir, STELLER'S
JAYS flying over, and AMERICAN CROWS on the fairway.

Further down the road, we heard GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS (good views seen
later). Departing from the road and heading into the power-line corridor, we
had a dozen or more juncos and another Golden-Crowned Sparrow. A distinctive
call to the north caught our attention, and we homed in on what we first
thought was a White- or Golden-crowned Sparrow, but when fully seen was a
WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, a fine addition to the overall species list for the
course. Note: This power line corridor has produced a host of nice sightings
this year, including House Wren, Cassin's Vireo, MacGillivray's Warbler,
etc. The end of the mowed part of the corridor yielded the first of several
ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS, and we scored our first COMMON RAVEN of the year in the
distance. As we traveled the road a bit further, we spotted RING-NECKED
DUCKS and possibly a scaup in the distance on Hodges Lake, but thought we'd
pick those up from a closer viewpoint later. That didn't turn out to be the
case, and by the time we got to a good viewpoint of the lake, only two
Ring-necks were visible, as well as a PIED-BILLED GREBE and two MALLARDS. We
found no other ducks today, and no raptors, either. We did have several
CACKLING GOOSE skeins pass by overhead.

The folks that have the water feature (stream and pools) alongside JBLM
property have turned off the taps for the season, so we'll likely not get
the bathing "beauties" we had on previous outings until sometime in the
Spring. However, we did get BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES on the way to check out
the site. Several of the areas we passed through enabled good views of
BUSHTIT flocks, and at least three mixed flocks, one of which had quite a
few Golden-crowned Kinglets, as well as one that included three BROWN
CREEPERS. One snaggy tree had 15 MOURNING DOVES at the top.

Other birds of the 31 species seen or heard today included the following:

Glaucous-winged Gull

Down Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

American Robin

European Starling

Mammal sightings included Douglas squirrel, Townsend's chipmunk, and coyote
(dead). The western thatching ant hills and paths weren't very active, but
when the temperature warmed up a bit, we did stumble (literally) on an ant
pathway that had several of these insects on it, albeit moving slowly.

Please join us if you can. We meet the third Thursday of the month at
8:00AM. Current schedule and meeting place for upcoming walks:

. November 21, 2013

. December 19, 2013

. January 16, 2014

. Starting point: Bldg # 1514, Driving Range Tee, Eagles Pride Golf
Course, I-5 Exit 116, Mounts Road Exit.

Our plan is to also have nature walks on a Sunday in March, May, July, and
September (i.e., quarterly) 2014. Schedule date & time TBD.

A tip of the hat to Russ Smith, who posts our sightings on eBird.

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis

Roy, WA

Mailto: avnacrs4birds at outlook.com

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