[Tweeters] RE: Larsen Lake American Tree Sparrow

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Thu Oct 17 15:45:20 PDT 2013

Went to Larsen Lake Blueberry farm off 148th per
Richard Rowlett's post of American Tree Sparrow.
At first it was one of the quickest and easiest
bird finds in a long while as the bird was seen
almost immediately upon starting out on the path
from the parking lot (going north) in an extremely
active group of chickadees and juncos zipping low
between the blueberry plants. BUT very hard to
follow the bird as it stayed low and all of the
birds were nonstop. Then two dogs scared the
birds and they flew off towards the Lake and
scattered. I could not find it again and
continued along the Lake path. (Never been there
before ... very interesting and pretty with all
the blueberry plants in full color). There were
juncos and immature Golden Crowned Sparrows in big
numbers. Then as I returned I found a mixed flock
again - mostly in the biggest tree at the south
end of the lake getting back towards the parking
area. Best looks at the American Tree Sparrow -
distinctly marked even though it stayed in the
back half of the tree and was always at least
partially blocked by branches and moved around.
After maybe three minutes all of the birds took
off to the north into the blueberries again. As
Richard said, there is a lot of area/habitat but
at least at the start it was just as noted.

Blair Bernson

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