[Tweeters] Cliff Swallow Nest's

jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Tue Oct 15 10:16:37 PDT 2013

Here on the Wetside of Washington there is one nice nesting colony of "natural nesting" Cliff Swallows that I know about.

That would be on the north side of Ika Island at the mouth of the North Fork of the Skagit River. Ika island is the "tall" island west across the flats from Skagit WRA's North Fork Access. At high tide you can paddle your boat right beneath this little cluster of Swallow pottery, on a small rock outcropping not too many feet above the high tide mark. If I was a Cliff Swallow, this spot would be my choice of a home site - a beautiful place.

Just upstream on the North Fork there are tallish cliffs along the river, which may also have Cliff Swallow nests. The cliffs are accessible for viewing if one were to walk north on the dike at North fork access. I never have checked it out,(despite 40 years of trips there) but maybe will on my next visit, now that the question has come up.

I wonder how many Cliff Swallows do nest on cliffs out in the San Juan's, or even if there are many out there at all. I don't get out there much, but them islands have plenty of cliffs.

Jeff Gibson

Everett Wa

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