[Tweeters] Oct 14, Fisher Slough Sharp-tailed Sandpipers, yes! Wylie Slough Rust Blackbirds, no

Chazz Hesselein chazz at hesselein.com
Mon Oct 14 21:48:53 PDT 2013

There were two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers at Fisher Slough when I arrived
to an admiring crowd at 1:00 this afternoon (the crowd was admiring the
sandpipers, not me) and there were two Sharp-tailed Sandpipers when I
left for my drive home at 6:00 pm this evening. I also spent some time
at Wylie Slough where I didn't find any S-T Sandpipers but I did find
the previously reported 1st winter Northern Shrike and heard both Sora
and Virginia Rails. The shrike's "mask" was so faint that I went
through several birds in my mind before I figured out what it was. I
think the shrike knew I was fumbling with its ID; it gave me quite a
vocal scolding. I spent a decent amount of time sifting through
Red-wing Blackbirds but couldn't find a single Rusty among them.

Good birding all, enjoy this lovely weather!

Chazz Hesselein
Port Orchard, WA

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