[Tweeters] Glaucous Gull at Century Link?

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Hello Josh and all,

I was watching the game and also noticed the gull. The nearly white plumage also got my attention. Good news is that someone in the broadcast booth is into birds.

I work with video, enjoy Glaucous gulls and am a Seahawks fan. I believe the gull is more likely to be a sun bleached gull of a more common species and the camera captured an over exposed image, so there may have been some Gray not seen in the clip. I find gulls often difficult to photograph because of the White coloration. It is veruy easy to over-expose the image. Also, the bill was dark and showed no indication of the pink with black tip of a first year or early second winter Glaucous gull. Body shape also looked a little slender to me for a Glaucous. So, neat that we could combine a Seahawks game and differential identification of species, but probably not a Glaucous gull. On the other hand, I did find a First year Glaucous on the coast last month so they are around and if we had seen the gull perched, it would have been much easier to make the idenification.

So, Denny G. -gull expert- what do you think?

Dan Reiff
Mercer Island

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I saw the same Gull that Chazz mentioned and it did seem very light. I did not, however, see the pale base of the bill that I would associate with a Glaucus Gull. I may see if I can track down a recording to confirm the ID though. Ironically, I had my copy of Gulls of the Americas sitting in front of me to study this afternoon, but I was getting too engrossed in the game to do so.

Josh Adams
Lynnwood, WA
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