[Tweeters] Breakfast time

Brew brewshome at comcast.net
Sat Oct 12 09:52:12 PDT 2013


I have two feeders on the deck of my apartment which is in a 400 plus unit
complex. This morning there have been an unusually large number of birds on
my deck feeding, particularly Bewick's wrens and black capped chickadees.
As I glanced out my sliding glass door to the patio I noticed several birds
in the air headed my way but one in particular suddenly caught my eye and
that was a black capped chickadee about five feet from my black sunflower
feeder and right on its tail (literally, about one or two feet behind) wings
at full extension and claws extended was a hawk of some kind. Then
instantly they both made a right turn and disappeared. I have no idea what
happened after that because for some reason I can't see around corners. I'm
not good at bird IDs to start with but there was a bit of sun behind both
birds and the hawk had a lot of red showing on all of its feathers.

Hawks do hang around my apartment complex but I've never seen one that close

Jim Brewster

brewshome at comcast.net


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