[Tweeters] Blue morph snow goose Skagit Flats

viper.bob at frontier.com viper.bob at frontier.com
Thu Oct 10 11:35:01 PDT 2013

I traveled to the Skagit Flats this past Monday and Tuesday looking for raptors and waterfowl primarily. Raptors were hard to come by but the snow geese have returned in large numbers. Mixed in the flock were also a few greater white-fronted and several cacklers. I was fortunate to locate an adult blue morph snow goose near the front of the flock and get some close-up photos. This bird has a large amount of white on its belly so I suspect that one of its parents was white and the other blue. Based on its aggressive behavior I suspect it is a gander. It was accompanied by a very dark juvenile (a blue morph ) and a lighter juvenile so I suspect it is the father of these two and most likely mated to a white female.
Interestingly, last year I photographed a very similar blue morph which also acted like a male. This may be the same bird.
Pictures of this year's bird(s) and last year's bird are on my website:

This year's bird is in the Recently Added Images gallery and last year's in the Geese gallery.
Bob Kothenbeutel
viper.bob at frontier.com

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