[Tweeters] Turkey vultures galore in Olympia/Lacey

Bert Bartleson bartlesonfsc at comcast.net
Thu Oct 10 10:25:58 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets, I just was outside and saw a couple of very large black birds
glide overhead. I got my bins and just enjoyed the show. Since 10:00 AM
I've now counted 73 TV's fly overhead during the last 15 minutes. They were
heading southwest and in a string at first. Then a large group of about 40
began kettling and then headed off again to the SW. I was able to observe
the dihedral glide and clearly see the bicolored wings underneath. They
varied in altitude from 100 feet to 600 to 700 I'd guess. Definitely a good
day to look up. I also saw a single TV near Centralia yesterday roosting in
the top of a fir tree while it was still cold and foggy. Bert Bartleson,

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