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Bob Flores rflores_2 at msn.com
Wed Oct 9 18:41:54 PDT 2013

Very nice day found two large flocks ( 8,000 and 25,000) of cacklers withe small number of Canada's the largest close to Frenchman's Bar S.P. Also in the large flock i found a Ross' goose and on my way home a snow goose joined the group. There was also three white-fronted geese as well. The nice thing i was able to read 13 yellow collars but missed 10 others due to distance and waves. There were 83 sandhill cranes on the Fazio property.

I then bird the riparian area at Frenchman's Bar S.P. Here are highlights.

Yellow-rumped 28
Orange-crowned 3

Ruby-crowned 21
Golden- crowned 1

Varied 3
Hermit 7
Swainson's 4

Downy 4
Red-breasted sapsucker 5
Pileated 1
Northern flicker 13

Anna's hummingbird 2

Brown creeper 1

Great horned owl 1

Stellar's jay 3 ( must still be moving through)

Good birding
Bob Flores

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