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Tue Oct 8 18:18:31 PDT 2013


On James Bond fiction that nonetheless has some links to reality, you should
watch the beginning of Octopussy (this an earlier 007 film with Roger Moore). In an early scene, the USSR Politburo is convening to discuss the latest NATO arms control proposals. The chairman is clearly a depiction of then-General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, and the feisty
General Orlov is clearly supposed to be Marshal Ogarkov. Orlov (Ogarkov) gets into an
argument with General Gogol (actual person: Marshal Ustinov, in this observer's view) in a classic guns-versus-butter debate. The debate and characterizations quite closely parallel certain events in the late 1970s USSR...

But closer to Tweeterland, check out the scene with Halle Berry in Cuba in the film Die Another Day (2002, Pierce Brosnan). The Bond character has binoculars and discusses his birding plans with Berry, and later he actually flashes a copy of Bond's original Birds of the West Indies to a Cuban contact. This was a clear nod to the original James Bond, who inspired the Scott AtkinsonLake Stevensmail to: scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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