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marlin greene marlin at oneearthimages.com
Tue Oct 8 12:43:35 PDT 2013

The first WDFW public meeting to discuss the future of Eide Road is coming up. This note is from the WDFW email list:
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has scheduled a public meeting on Wednesday, October 30 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm to discuss the Leque Island Alternatives Analysis and Design project. The meeting will be held in the Stanwood Middle School cafeteria, located at 9405 271st St NW Stanwood, WA 98292.

I have been totally frustrated with the lack of interest by birders, photographers, Audubon, etc., anyone who loves going to Eide Road but doesn't seem to care about its future. If you like visiting Eide Road as a birder or photographer, please help get the word out about this meeting. If we don't make some noise the site is probably going away for all but duck hunters.

Please see my website http://www.friendsofeideroad.org for the full story.

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