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Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Sun Oct 6 09:53:15 PDT 2013

Hey Tweets...I seldom chime in with "just an ordinary day" stuff, but this
was a bit out of the norm for an ordinary day...or 24 hour period,

It began Friday night with a 9:30pm shriek outside my window announcing the
return of the neighborhood Barred Owl, followed by various bits and pieces
of the usual call...never the whole call though...over the next half hour.
Then at 2:30am when I went out with the dog to look at the stars while she
did her thing, I noticed the owl was perched on the peak of my roof looking
down at us...nicely silhouetted against the sky. It remained there while we
walked around then re-entered the house.

Twice Saturday I flushed an accipiter as I opened my front door; couldn't
tell if it was a sharp-shinned or Cooper's...I have seen both hanging
around my feeders.

Then while playing chuck-it with the dog, enjoying the Saturday afternoon
sunshine, a Northern Harrier crossed the road in front of the house, flying
up the drainage ditch opening through all the willows and trees.

I had just decided to remove my feeders due to rats, mice, and raccoons; my
cat is getting fat off the mice and the dog has a real barking issue with
raccoons. But having an owl around is a real plus, so I'll leave them
up...at least until I run out of seed. I think everyone will manage.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores
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