[Tweeters] BC Bird Bonanza

barry levineb at fastmail.fm
Sat Oct 5 22:43:41 PDT 2013

Jen Kunitsugu, Tom Merritt, Nancy and Marc Provence, Diane Koontz,
Cassie Emanuel and myself had a great day of birding in the area south
of Vancouver, BC. Highlights included both golden plovers at 104th St
in Boundary Bay, 15,000 plus Snow Geese along the entrance road to
Reifle Bird Sanctuary, A Yellow Warbler at Brunswick Point, 25 +
Sandhill Cranes seen in the sanctuary and at Brunswick Point, and a
Barn Owl. Also of note was the behavior of 2 Northern Harriers that
were exhibiting fine aerial acrobatics high in the sky over the
Border crossings went fairly well. 15 minutes going north about half an
hour heading south. Weather was splendid.
All the best
barry Levine
levineb at fastmail.fm

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