[Tweeters] Gog-le-hi-te, Tacoma. Slaty-backed Gull

Bruce Labar blabar at harbornet.com
Thu Oct 3 19:25:06 PDT 2013

Things were hopping at the Gog this afternoon. Starting with a lot of migrants in the woods by the parking area and finishing with the returning winter birds to our area. I birded this area from 1235 to 3:15. I teamed up with Michael Charest later around 2:45. Here are some of the birds and numbers recorded.
Yellow Warbler-3, Yellow-rumped Warbler-27, Orange-crowned Warbler-5, Wilson's Warbler-1, Black-throated Gray Warbler-1, Common Yellowthroat-1, Hermit Thrush-1, Fox Sparrow-1, Golden-crowned Sparrow-15, White-crowned Sparrow-12, Savannah Sparrow-30. At the large pond further east were 1 Pectoral Sandpiper, 1 Long-billed Dowitcher and 4 Wilson's Snipe. On the roof tops by the rendering plant were 3 adult Thayer's Gulls.
The highlight was the adult Slaty-backed Gull that Mike reported several days ago with great photos. I spotted it on one of the roofs near the rendering plant viewing from the gate by the parking lot. I called Mike over to view and he agreed that it was the bird. I have seen about 10 Slaty's in the state and I am always amazed how dark the mantle is compared to Westerns. Never saw the eye color, but after Mike left I watched it get up and fly and saw the white subterminal spots in the underwing. Mike came roaring back having spotted it land and bath in the Puyallup River from the levee rd. He was able to see the yellow eye and the other field marks. I went back with him but the gull had flown again.
On Oct. 2, at the MarineView log booms both Mike and I saw the Franklin's Gull reported by Shep Thorp. There were also two Heermann's Gulls that Mike saw and 2 Common Terns that I viewed.
Good Birding,
Bruce LaBar
Tacoma, WA
blabar at harbornet.com

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