[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 3 October 2013

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Thu Oct 3 15:22:42 PDT 2013

Cloudy morning, but no rain, with temps about 50 F to start. With no wind,
the morning was actually quite delightful and the birds were quite active
as well. Several new birds for the fall have shown up, in numbers.
Greater White-fronted Goose - 3, Sports FieldSnow Geese - several large
flocks flying overheadCackling Geese - several small flocks overhead; a
single bird landed in the Sports Field, with the GWFGSharp-shinned Hawk -
made strafing run through a mixed passerine flock on Promontory
PointCooper's Hawk - riding a thermal over the ponds with a swirl of dozens
of swallows (mostly VG)Mew, Ring-billed, California and GW Gull - several
of each on swim platformBarn Owl - west meadow early, calling and
Vaux's Swift - handfulBelted Kingfisher - two males, chasing each other all
over parkRed-breasted Sapsucker - on Promontory Point, eating Madrona
berries!Swainson's Thrush - giving churr callHermit Thrush - several,
Central Meadow and Prom PtVaried Thrush - a pair on Kite Hill; individuals
on Prom PtCedar Waxwing - two fly-over flocksOrange-crowned Warbler -
several, Central MeadowFox Sparrow - lots!Purple Finch - Central Meadow,
giving cheerio call
For the day, 57 species; with CACG, SSHA, RBSA, HETH and PUFI new, 133 for
the year.Checklist:
http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S15313822Scott RamosSeattle

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