[Tweeters] Kent Valley Geese & Des Moines TV's

Carol & Lynn Schulz carol.schulz50 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 20:11:57 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters:
Fall is here! There were hundreds of geese in the big field north of 200th & Southcenter Parkway South at 3:30 this afternoon. In the foreground there were 34 Greater Wht-fronted Geese w/ more White-Fronts, maybe 10, in the back of a main flock of geese. The big flock was mainly 320 Canada Geese w/ 30-40 Cackling Geese. This is the big field owned by Sagale developers, always being changed by construction equipment, that was mud & dirt in the spring and is now grass. As I pulled into traffic, I noticed another big flock of geese in the area north of 200th. Couldn't stop to look at them. I call this whole area north Kent. It's on the border of county land. It's just east of Orillia Rd.
At 4:30pm in Des Moines there was blue sky, big white clouds, and some sunshine. As I gazed uphill toward hwy 99, some Turkey Vultures started kettling up over the ridge. I counted 38 Turkey Vultures! They circled almost up to a white cloud, and then started streaming out to the south. A single Common Raven joined them soaring for a bit. After 20 minutes or so one more TV came by, flapping its wings.
I almost never see TV's in Des Moines. I saw one once as a yard bird on Oct 8, 2011. The Raven is probably one of our breeding pair that nest in Seatac in north Des Moines Creek Park. They have been breeding here for several years. I saw two ravens flying by over my house a couple of days ago, calling loudly.
Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines

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