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Bob bobs at world-wide.com
Wed Oct 2 02:58:34 PDT 2013

Last evening I found a Trumpeter Swan while scoping Al Erickson's hunting
preserve to the east of High Bridge Rd on the way to Crescent Lake and the
Prison Pond in Snohomish County just north of King County. Looking at
eBird and Tweeters I believe that this is probably one of the swans that
were seen late spring and early summer around the Crescent Lake and the
Prison Pond but the last time I see a swan reported is July 26 (in eBird at
Crescent Lake). I did not see a yellow neck band as reported by Martha
Jordan last spring but the bird was far away even for my scope and partially
obscured . Anyway I am just wondering if there are other continuous
sighting of this bird. Al Erickson might know if someone knows how to
contact him.

Other than the Swan there were at least 400 ducks and 200 Coots visible
through gaps in the trees. Ducks were unidentified, Mallard, Widgeon,
Pintail, Green-winged Teal, and Wood Duck in descending order of abundance.
I saw 1 Pied-billed Grebe but no Shovelers during a 25 minute stalk and
scope. The road is busy but you can park on the west side and walk along at
the top of a steep slope outside the east guard rail and scan. Other
interesting birds were 25 Barn Swallows at Cottage Lake in King county and a
fly over Snipe at the Prison Pond at dusk. The only other birds there were
about 20 mostly hidden MALLARDS.

Happy birding!

Bob Schmidt

Bothell WA

Bobs at world hyphen wide dot com

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