[Tweeters] Govt shutdown and Ridgefield NWR

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Tue Oct 1 13:32:36 PDT 2013

hi all ... I was talking with the Refuge yesterday and the Birdfest
itself is a go as Birdfest is also a community thing ... as of
yesterday the Refuge personel were alternately pulling out their
hair, biting their nails, and busy making arrangements to move many
of the activities to in town with the Street Fair incase of a
continuing shutdown ... I dont know what activities yet, or where,
but one place mentioned was Abrams (spelling ???) Park ... so, it's a
wait-and-see game ... but come anyways and enjoy the in town
activities !!!!!!!! ... lots going on there ...

Vancouver, Washington

At 01:15 PM 10/1/2013, A & S Hill wrote:

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>Is Ridgefield NWR closed because of the government shutdown?


>If yes, does that mean the Birdfest activities at the refuge on Oct.

>4 and 5 are cancelled?


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