[Tweeters] Hairy Woodpecker at Seahurst Forest

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Tue Oct 1 12:48:28 PDT 2013

Hello birders,
I've not posted much in years, but, for the first time since putting up
feeders on my condo deck in early 1999, the first *Hairy Woodpecker*, a
textbook adult female, has shown up at my suet block today, Oct 01, 2013.
I've always had Downy's, but, since early winter, 2013, they have become
more scarce in my area, forest-bordered condo properties offering bird
feeders at the NE edge of Seahurst Forest in north Burien, WA. Perhaps the
local Sharpshinned and Cooper's hawks have caused the Downy's prudent
retreat. Seahurst Park, on the mid-Puget Sound coast between Shorewood
community and Eagle's Landing park, is an old-2nd-growth mixed & conifer
forest with a fair amount of boggy understory in the north half of the
park. It is perfect Hairy Woodpecker habitat, but, I'd never seen any till
today, either at my feeders or while hiking the forest trails. Hairy's
likely have been here a while, just not visiting suet feeders till more
recently. The recent early winter storms could also be a factor. Note:
Seahurst public beach and facilities are closed now to the public until
next April, 2014. The beach is being restored to a more natural
condition...hopefully, shorebirds, brant, seals, spawning fish, and other
critters will be able to use this habitat in future seasons. There is at
least one salmon stream already established running out of the forest into
the saltwater along this shore.
Cheers and good birding,
Maureen Ellis
Burien, WA
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