[Tweeters] Injured Band-tailed Pigeon advice needed

Leah Wegener dlwegener at msn.com
Tue Oct 1 09:23:01 PDT 2013

Hi, Tweets,
We had a Band-tailed Pigeon strike our window yesterday. Instead of recovering it has remained in our yard overnight and does not seem to be able to fly. It kind of staggers and flops around but does not have a broken neck as far as we can tell.

Should we leave it to let Nature take its course? Should we try to help, and if so, how? I haven't let the dog out yet this morning in case he would interfere.

Thank you for your opinions and advice.

from Leah and Henry in Centralia
Leah Wegener
dlwegener at msn.com
Centralia, WA

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