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Jennifer Jarstad jennjarstad at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 16:56:38 PST 2013

Hi all:
Just wanted to submit a final thank you to all those of you who helped out
with the Anna's hummingbird study. When I sent out my initial survey 2
months ago, I heard back from 111 people showing interest. To date I have
received over 200 journal entries with as many as 8 different observations
on each entry. That's a lot of sightings of the Anna's! My responses came
from as far north as Bellingham and as far south as Camas, WA. I also
received entries from as far east as Yakima, and as far west as Port
Angeles, Montesano, and Naselle, WA. I received far more observations than
I ever thought I would, so again, thank you for that.

I also want to thank all of the tweeters followers for your patience with
my requests for participation. I promise not to clog up the tweeters page
with any more of that. Having said that, I have thus far received 51
responses to my final survey - a short follow-up to the whole project. If
you still feel like doing that (whether or not you did any journaling), you
can still fill it out by clicking on this link:


I will send out a link to more final results in a few days. Yours in
birding, jenn

Jennifer Jarstad
jennjarstad at gmail.com
Seattle, WA
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