[Tweeters] Suet report with a new visitor

Maureen E. Ellis mj2ephd at uw.edu
Thu Nov 28 12:40:16 PST 2013

Today a *ruby-crowned kinglet* came to the suet and chowed down! This is
the first time ever I've seen kinglets at my suet feeder in the near 14
years at this location. Currently I have out the *Bird Bug Bites *suet variety
bought from *Wild Birds Unlimited* local store (Burien, WA.) My only
affiliation with *WBU* is as a customer, and, I just started feeding this
kind of suet in the past year, in addition to the *Simply Suet* variety.
Birds seem to relish especially the *buggy* suet, and, it lasts quite a
while despite frequent swarms of bushtits. Other less common visitors to
the suet today were two warbler species that I have had across the
years: *Audubon
morph of the yellow-rumped* (has been feeding here at least two weeks) and
an *orange-crowned* for the first time in a couple of years. Earlier in
November, a large flock of Townsend's warblers foraged through red alders
on the edge of our condo building lawns, but, did not come to the suet as
they have in past years. I also have both downy and hairy woodpeckers,
occasional flicker, both black-capped & chestnut-backed chickadees,
red-breasted nuthatch, mobs of bushtits, rarely Stellers's jay, and a
couple of times across the 14 years a pileated woodpecker! Song sparrows
will carry off suet bits to nestlings in the summer. I've also had two
other species of warblers come to the suet in late summer: black-throated
gray and a beautiful male Nashville (once---what a treat!)
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Maureen Ellis
Burien, WA, on the NE edge of Seahurst forest
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