[Tweeters] Thanksgiving Morning at Wallace Swamp Creek Park

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Thu Nov 28 11:41:37 PST 2013

My portion of the Thanksgiving Day feast is prepared in advance allowing me time to get some birding in this morning before joining family & friends for dinner later.

I set out in my neighborhood park at 8:30. Within minutes I heard the croak of a raven. I was in a forested area and could only see glimpses of it flying by through the branches. I hurried to a clearing hoping to get a better look. When out in the open, crows directed me to the Raven by their mobbing activity. A bit later I found two Raven's perched in a snag. Its unclear whether there were two or three Ravens. I've only seen CORA once before in "My Park". My bird walk was off to a good start.

Shortly after the ravens flew away I heard a trumpeting noise in the distance. Within minutes I had wonderful looks at seven big, loud Trumpeter Swans winging their way through the clear blue sky just above me. Species # 112 on my park list.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

Linda Phillips


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