[Tweeters] how to protect expensive scientific equipment from damage or theft?

Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 03:50:23 PST 2013

hello everyone,

even though we are (mostly) birders, i think we can appreciate this
dilemma: how to protect expensive, state-of-the-art scientific equipment
from loss or theft? especially when these devices are left unattended in
remote locations to monitor or record data on wild or free-roaming animals
over long periods of time?

i just published an article about a hot-off-the-presses paper in Methods in
Ecology and Evolution that describes a study that examines this very


the article also links to the original paper which is open access (YAY!)


Devorah Bennu, PhD
birdologist at gmail.com
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