[Tweeters] Pileated bobs for apple

Rob Sandelin nwnature1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 21:08:34 PST 2013

Watched a Pileated Woodpecker today as it worked on an apple. It would poke
the apple with its bill, then rock its head back and forth as the apple
swung, timing the next jab just perfectly. A crow flew up and watched with
me for more than 10 minutes as the big woodpecker kept its rhythmic timing
with the apple. With a great deal of the apple gone, the remainder finally
fell to the ground, to be pounced on by the crow. There were many other
apples on the ground but the crow wanted these pieces. Come to think of it,
I don't recall ever seeing crows eating whole apples on the ground. Hmmmmm?

Rob Sandelin
Naturalist, Writer, Teacher

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