[Tweeters] Pelican..yes; bad luck = good luck this time

Hank Heiberg hank.heiberg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 19:02:19 PST 2013

Usually being stuck on an on ramp for 15 minutes because the 1st Avenue South drawbridge is up is not a good thing.  This time Karen and I were totally stopped at a place that on John Pushcocks map is described as "Best view from shoulder of road; good view, but bad spot for parking".  The American White Pelican described in numerous Tweeters posts was in plain view.  We turned off our motor, rolled down the window and photographed and watched the pelican for 1/4 of an hour, starting today at 11:40 a.m..  Thanks to everyone who posted, but especially to John Pushcock whose great map got us through the pelican labyrinth.  Here are two photos.
Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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