[Tweeters] Snipe-fest at Juanita Bay Park this morning

Karen Wosilait kwosilait at clearwire.net
Wed Nov 20 16:52:45 PST 2013

I was at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland this morning from a bit before 10am till a bit after 11am. When I first scanned the shore with my scope, I counted 24 Wilson's Snipe. As I got closer, I realized that I had missed quite a few since they can really hunker down in the mud with just the top of their head poking up. There were several clusters and some singletons. Some of my better photos are at:


There were other lovely waterfowl there too, but I was mesmerized by the Snipe until I had to leave for an appointment.

Karen Wosilait
Seattle, WA

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