[Tweeters] Edmonds Palm Warbler - probably not

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Tue Nov 19 17:54:45 PST 2013


Last Sunday morning about 10:40 AM, I observed a warbler matching the
description of a Palm or Orange-Crowned Warbler in the first conifer you run
into along the boardwalk out to the #1 viewing station. I had a good side
look at the bird, but the bird hopped down into the shrubs before I could
get any pictures. I was unable to relocate it. The field marks seen were
bright undertail coverts, distinct black eye stripe, creamy white
supercilium, and plain brown back and wings with no wingbars. I was unable
to get a view of the underside of the tail. I first thought I had seen Bill
Anderson's PAWA, but upon reviewing his photos of last week, realized that
this bird was much more distinctly marked than Bill's and clearly not the
same bird. Unless there are 2 PAWA's in the area, I think it was probably
an Orange-Crowned.

Charlie Desilets


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