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Ingrid Taylar ingrid at wildlifeconservationstamp.org
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Hi, Dennis --

Thanks very much for the comment. We’re in the process of revamping the entire website this week actually, to reflect updated content. So, I appreciate your questions — they'll help us clarify the message in this new incarnation. But, for now, here’s a brief overview in answer to those queries:

We are in discussions to partner with a larger organization in order to promote the stamp through this association. As we note on the site, the ultimate end will be legislative -- an act that brings the stamp to fruition. At that point we’ll have very precise needs in terms of contributions. In the meantime, we’ve been spreading word of the idea and getting feedback from others. A significant challenge in any new implementation is showcasing the need for such a project, and strengthening its viability through substantial public awareness. Our supporters so far have helped immensely in taking the project to its next level.

We are not fund-raising at this point, so “support” simply means adding your individual or organizational affiliation to our endeavor — no fees, just involvement and commitment to conservation projects. Our new internal newsletter will include all supporting members in future developments. Those who’ve signed on as supporters so far cite their desire to see a stamp like this become a reality— for a variety of reasons, but most significantly, as a way for birders, photographers and wildlife watchers to contribute by way of a dedicated funding stream.

There’s obviously a very large demographic of wildlife watchers. USFWS estimates 71.1 million wildlife watchers in the U.S. There are 46 million visitors to National Wildlife Refuges each year. At the same time, our National Wildlife Refuges face funding shortfalls. A concept like the Wildlife Conservation Stamp has been in discussion at birding lists, websites and in other venues for years, with many expressing frustration that such an avenue doesn’t exist. Readers here are probably familiar with the failed CARA enactment which would have provided conservation revenue through fees on sporting goods and so forth.

There is immense potential in offering yet another way for Refuge users to contribute to the wildlife about which they are passionate … while giving voice to a variety of species and habitat priorities. We feel this is a great way to validate a growing demographic of wildlife enthusiasts. We have both hunters and non-hunters among our members who see the positive potential in such a stamp.

There are existing state models, such as the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp. My husband and I buy the Watchable Wildlife decal in Washington, as well. For anyone who’s interested, we provide a list of potential benefits at our website: http://wildlifeconservationstamp.org/benefits-of-the-wildlife-conservation-stamp

Ingrid Taylar
Seattle, WA


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So, Ingrid, how is it planned that this stamp will come into existence? What can the rest of us do to help the project? I couldn't find such a simple statement on your excellent website. I may have missed it, but all I saw was "join us and become a supporter." Is that a financial supporter? How would such support be turned into action? Perhaps that information would be forthcoming if one joins. I approve the project 100%, but I want to learn more!

Dennis Paulson

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