[Tweeters] Blue Jay

Steven Tracy stevepath1 at aol.com
Sun Nov 17 22:24:55 PST 2013

For those needing a Blue Jay for their state list, year list or Grant County list, there is one in Cascade Valley just west of Moses Lake. Take Valley Road west from Stratford Road down into Cascade Valley. There will be a park to your left at the bottom of the hill and then an apple orchard. You will pass a tiny Espresso hut on your right and come to a convenience store on your right at the corner of Othmar and Valley Road. Go to the next left, which is Lee Street. Turn left and go to the bottom of the street. The address is 3645 Lee Street. There are three filbert trees in the front yard. The Jay is eating filberts off the ground. The bird was there at 2:15 PM today. My oldest brother, who owns the house, alerted me regarding this bird. His step daughter lives there. No one will know you are coming, so be respectful of the occupant and the neighbors. You should be able to see the Jay without entering the property. The next door neighbor said the Blue Jay had been around for about a week. I am returning to North Carolina tomorrow, where Blue Jays are backyard birds, or I might have been able to guide a few people to the spot. Good Luck.

Steve Tracy
Gastonia, NC

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